Created from a unique thermoplastic, our DSTVITOflexi denture base material has exceptional aesthetic and physical properties, and is a rigid, yet flexible polymer ideal for creating compliant and comfortable partial dentures.  It is moisture resistant, stain resistant and easy to adjust, finish and polish.

  • An exceptional alternative to metal framework fixtures.
  • Non-brittle, virtually unbreakable.
  • High color stability in pink, light pink and dark pink.
  • Available in 25mm cartridges.
  • Cartridge size: medium, large, extra large.
  • 5 units per pack.

Product Description
For the patient, selecting an appliance made from DSTVITOflexi results in a faster, more economical solution. Their partial denture will fit better, be more comfortable, unbreakable and easier to maintain.
For the dental technician, our polymer is easier to use, sets faster and the flexible properties mean accommodating a perfect fit with fewer complications. 
For dentists, prescribing DSTVITOflexi means the end result will be a stronger, flexible appliance which will be longer lasting and provide a superior function.
Cartrige Package:
DSTVITOflexi - MediumLight Pink5pcs
DSTVITOflexi - LargeLight Pink5pcs
DSTVITOflexi - Extra LargeLight Pink5pcs
DSTVITOflexi - MediumPink5pcs
DSTVITOflexi -  LargePink5pcs
DSTVITOflexi - Extra LargePink5pcs
DSTVITOflexi - MediumHot Pink5pcs
DSTVITOflexi -  LargeHot Pink5pcs
DSTVITOflexi - Extra LargeHot Pink5pcs
DSTVITOflexi - MediumPink Opaque5pcs
DSTVITOflexi -  LargePink Opaque5pcs
DSTVITOflexi - Extra LargePink Opaque5pcs
DSTVITOflexi - MediumDark Pink5pcs
DSTVITOflexi -  LargeDark Pink5pcs
DSTVITOflexi - Extra LargeDark Pink5pcs
DSTVITOflexi - MediumCoral Pink5pcs
DSTVITOflexi -  LargeCoral Pink5pcs
DSTVITOflexi - Extra LargeCoral Pink5pcs


Bulk Package:

DSTVITOflexi Light Pink100gr
DSTVITOflexi Light Pink300gr
DSTVITOflexi Light Pink500gr
DSTVITOflexi Light Pink1kg
DSTVITOflexi Pink100gr
DSTVITOflexi Pink300gr
DSTVITOflexi Pink500gr
DSTVITOflexi  Pink1kg
DSTVITOflexi Hot Pink100gr
DSTVITOflexi Hot Pink300gr
DSTVITOflexi Hot Pink500gr
DSTVITOflexi Hot Pink1kg
DSTVITOflexi Pink Opaque100gr
DSTVITOflexi Pink Opaque300gr
DSTVITOflexi Pink Opaque500gr
DSTVITOflexi Pink Opaque1kg
DSTVITOflexi Dark Pink100gr
DSTVITOflexi Dark Pink300gr
DSTVITOflexi Dark Pink500gr
DSTVITOflexi Dark Pink1kg
DSTVITOflexi Coral Pink100gr
DSTVITOflexi Coral Pink300gr
DSTVITOflexi Coral Pink500gr
DSTVITOflexi Coral Pink1kg

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