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Bring Innovation Into Your Lab

We’re innovating the way dental prosthetics are made. With our unique product lines, you’ll be able to provide patients perfectly matching prosthetics that are also more durable, comfortable and easier to create. And if they need adjustments or repairs – it can all be done at the dentist’s office, saving everyone time and effort.

Here's What User's Say

  • "TOP CERALIQ allows me to get exacting results as it creates a more stable modeling compound. It's also super convenient as I can use it with any porcelain powder. Our busy lab needs that kind of flexibility and results."

  • "We notice the difference when Top Vacudeb is used. It simply provides superior casts, with its close adhesion to surfaces. You'll be able to see and feel the difference."

    Top Vacudeb
  • "Creating a flexible partial just makes so much sense and it's long overdue. Patients love it as it feels so much more natural and its more durable. In the lab, we love using DSTVITOlux-f because it's so easy to create, adjust and polish."



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