Innovative, flexible dental resin that creates
naturally aesthetic and comfortable removable dentures.

This innovative flexible dental resin allows you to easily create comfortable and compliant removable dentures. Created from a unique thermoplastic, DSTVITOlux-f has exceptional aesthetic and physical properties that enable highly comfortable and natural looking partials.
This rigid, yet flexible polymer not only provides a seamless fit, it's extreme durability is long-lasting.


Give a more natural look and feel. Patients prefer the real comfort of DSTVITOlux-f. And with greater durability and damage-resistant design, patients enjoy the convenience of a long-lasting solution. 


Not only can you provide a dental prosthetic that really responds to your patients' needs – aesthetics, comfort and convenience – you'll be able to easily make adjustments and repairs in your office.

Dental Labs

Resistant to both moisture and stains, DSTVITOlux-f creates a strong yet flexible polymer that's easier to work with, adjust, finish and polish. A quick setting material, you'll get better results, faster.


  • Innovative flexi material that can be updated and easily repaired by both technicians and dentists

  • Strong yet flexible polymer is easy to work with

  • Repels plaque and odor

  • Exceptional aesthetic and physical properties – flexible and natural

  • Enables a more perfect fit